Author: Rebecca


Red-tailed hawk portrait

This is a picture of a red-tailed hawk that I took at Croton Point Park in December 2017. I find that the hawks there are very unfazed by humans and will frequently sit unmoving atop a pole on the landfill hill while you get closer and closer. I was very […]


Red morph Eastern Screech Owl

This is a red morph eastern screech owl. I took this picture on an Audubon trip to Croton Point Park in March 2017. Audubon group walks are a great way to find good birding locations. However, being in a large group is not always the most conducive setting for taking […]


Red-bellied woodpecker in the snow

I took this picture of a red-bellied woodpecker in the snow in January 2017. This is the first photograph I took that I was really proud of. Like many of my pictures, it was taken through my kitchen window. I like the fact that the bird’s red belly is actually […]